Our Firefighters

Meet our Full-time (paid) Firefighters:
Caleb Roberts
Engineer / EMR Caleb Roberts (Acting Officer in Charge)

Founding member of FDMJ
Kenny Hudson
Engineer / AEMT Kenny Hudson (Acting Officer in Charge) 
* Community Risk Reduction Program Coordinator 
* Child Passenger Seat Technician Program Coordinator 
* Former FDMJ volunteer firefighter 

Michael McCleeary
Engineer / EMR Mike McCleeary
* Child Passenger Seat Technician 
* Former FDMJ volunteer firefighter

Jeff Adam

Firefighter II / EMT Jeff Adam

Brandon Robertson
Engineer / EMR Brandon Robertson
* Child Passenger Seat Technician
* Former FDMJ volunteer firefighter 
Mathew Talley

Firefighter II / EMT Mathew Talley 
* Former full-time firefighter in Arkansas 

Guy Flowers
Engineer / AEMT Guy Flowers (Acting Officer in Charge)
* Former full-time firefighter, Wilson County Emergency Management Agency

Founding member of FDMJ
Will Tuggle
Firefighter II / EMR Will Tuggle
* Former FDMJ volunteer firefighter; Former FDMJ Fire Explorer
Juan Max Ambriz
Engineer / AEMT Max Ambriz 
​* Child Passenger Seat Technician 
* Former FDMJ volunteer firefighter

Andrew Hassler
Engineer / Paramedic Andy Hassler (Acting Officer in Charge)
* SCBA Coordinator
* Former full-time firefighter, City of Memphis, TN
Bryan Travis
Engineer / EMR Bryan Travis
* Former full-time firefighter, City of Smyrna, TN
Engineer / AEMT Jordan Hastings
* Child Passenger Seat Technician 
* Former full-time fighter, City of Smyrna, TN Fire Department
Firefighter II / AEMT Michael Moore
* Former full-time firefighter, Wilson County, TN Emergency Management Agency
Firefighter I Callie Minton
* Former FDMJ Volunteer Firefighter 
* Former volunteer firefighter, Australia 
Firefighter II Shaun Tucker
* Former FDMJ Volunteer Firefighter
Meet our Volunteer Firefighters:
Photo May 12, 9 06 59 AM
Engineer / AEMT Derek Hyde (Acting Officer in Charge) 
* Former FDMJ volunteer Lieutenant
* Career Lieutenant, City of Brentwood, TN Fire Department 
Photo Aug 17, 5 02 33 PM
Firefighter II / AEMT Jeremy Keopf
* Full-time Firefighter - City of Brentwood, TN Fire Department
Photo Aug 17, 1 01 45 PM
Fire Recruit Mike Miller

Photo Jun 13, 5 01 25 PM
Firefighter I Neil Howard
Photo Apr 05, 9 45 28 AM
Firefighter II / AEMT Shane Vivrette
* Full-time firefighter, Metro Nashville, TN Fire Department 
Photo Aug 17, 5 12 49 PM
Firefighter I Kade Fox
Full-time Public Safety Officer - Nashville International Airport
​* Former FDMJ Fire Explorer
Firefighter II Rose Aldrich 
Firefighter I Jason Pawlik
Firefighter I Michael Tuck
Firefighter II Austin Zumbroegel
Fire Recruit Rebecca Bauernfeind
Fire Recruit Jaci Hassler
Fire Recruit Wesley White