Message from the Mayor


As Mayor, it is truly an honor to have this opportunity to say a few words to you.
Whether new to the city or an old hand, there's a lot going on in our community that you need to know. Although incorporated just 40 years ago, Mt. Juliet has a long and illustrious history. Today that rich past helps shape the values and vision that serve as the foundation for our city... core values, Southern charm, deep traditions but a community embracing positive change.

Mt. Juliet is one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee, and this last year we were rated the state's "Number One Business Friendly Community" by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. Think about that, not Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis or even Chattanooga that won top honor, but your hometown (or soon to be) Mt. Juliet. We've also been selected as the number one winner of municipal awards in Middle Tennessee many of the past several years by the Greater Nashville Regional Council, the organizational "gold standard" for over 60 counties and cities in our region. When asked how we earn such accomplishments, I simply say it's our people. Yes, Mt. Juliet is blessed with unique citizens who, despite their differences, have common core values, are resourceful and independent. We believe in our community, in prudent but managed growth, in volunteering, and where your hard earn dollars work for you.
Ed Hagerty
I am glad to welcome you to our city. If you are a first time visitor to the web page, take a few minutes to orient yourself to the wealth of information and services that are available at your fingertips. If you are a new comer, whether you live here or own a business, or even if you are just thinking about it, I invite you to contact our City Liaison Sharon Bachelier and/or Economic Development Director, Mr. Kenny Martin, at 615-754-2552. Again, welcome to Mt. Juliet. We're glad you have chosen to make our community yours.


Ed Hagerty

Mission Statement

Mt. Juliet, a city of southern hospitality, will remain a wholesome community. The city will plan growth to maintain the values of a close-knit community that provides for the needs of its people first. We will develop a core business district with vibrancy and stability. Our goal is to provide a safe environment, be responsive to citizens, and encourage educational, recreational and cultural opportunities.